MAPC speech at Security Conference rally

Anti-Security Conference Demonstration February 18, 2023

Speech by Beatrice Atman-Schevitz


I have only 6 minutes. 6 minutes to speak my mind at this rally. 6 minutes exactly – as much time as it takes for a nuclear-tipped missile to reach Moscow. The missile comes from Ukraine?, the missile comes from Poland?, the missile comes from a submarine somewhere – and it hits its target. 

Look at your watch now. We have only six minutes and after that we have a nuclear war in the middle of Europe. With such missiles, we in Europe cannot know at the time of launch which country is responsible.

I’m not a so-called Putin supporter. I am an American from Buffalo New York and I understand how the US military and government works and plans and prepares wars.

In 1983 I already experienced this horror scenerio in Germany. In 1983 we had only 10 minutes. We demonstrated against the medium range missiles. The battlefield should have been the GDR and West Germany; that was prevented. Today the battlefield is Ukraine and Russia.

We, as Americans from the Munich-American Peace Committee know that this war has been carefully planned by the US military and think tanks in America since at least 2012. Yes, since 2012. 

That is when American troops began training the Ukrainian army at Grafenwoehr and other U.S. military training sites in Germany.

Today on February 18, 2023, Ukrainian soldiers are being trained at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. They are to master the Patriot missile system. The U.S. budgets about $60 billion for weapons and military training for Ukrainian soldiers.

The U.S. military, backed by NATO, has been preparing for this effort to weaken Russia since the end of the Cold War by expanding and conducting its large-scale war games in Eastern and Central Asian countries under the belly of the Russian Federation. President Jimmy Carter’s political advisor, Brezezinski, began drafting the plans for this war in Ukraine and Poland in 1977. Now his plan, which he titled: 

The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives“, – is being put into action. 

The goal, according to Brezezinski, is to “design a comprehensive and self-contained geostrategy with regard to Eurasia.” The United States, as the “first, only real and last world power” after the collapse of the Soviet Union, would have to secure its dominance on the “great chessboard” of Eurasia in the short and medium term, thus enabling a new world order in the long term.

In 2019, the RAND Corporation, a Pentagon-affiliated think tank, published a comprehensive plan titled,

 “Overextending and Unbalancing Russia,” with a catalog of measures against Russia. The most important measure aimed to arm Ukraine and provide military advice to spark a conflict with Russia.

In 2020, NATO staged the large-scale military exercise DEFENDER 2020. This was to simulate the use of tactical nuclear weapons. This exercise was the prelude of today, should NATO intervene in this war in 2023.

Today, we American peace activists know that the Minsk II peace agreement was just to buy time to create the best forces in Eastern Europe, trained to NATO standards.

As American peace activists in Munich today, we ask :

1. For years, the peace movement has taken the position that “war must not be a means of politics.” This is and remains the position of Munich American Peace Committee. Russia does not consider the military operation as war, but as a response to the further escalation of the war against the Russian population and the Donbass republics, which has been waged since 2014, with over 14,000 deaths. 

The question of whether the Russian military operation is legitimate or not is idle in terms of realpolitik.

1. What concrete alternative would Russia have had after the West had blocked all paths to a peaceful solution? To watch the Ukrainian army with its neo-Nazi battalions marching into the Donbass, committing massacres of ethnic Russians, inciting and expelling them? 

2. Should Russia have capitulated in the face of the ever worsening threat? Should Russia have watched Ukraine finally being turned into an official NATO base – with the deployment of nuclear missiles that could destroy Moscow in 6 minutes.

We as peace activists in the U.S. and Europe need to shout out loud that Ukraine is just a means to an end for the U.S. and NATO, that they are just using Ukrainians as cannon fodder for their war against Russia, hoping to make Russia look like tasty mincemeat for economic investors and defense companies from the U.S. and EU countries.  

The peace movement in the U.S. is planning demonstrations across America on March 18-19 demanding “Peace in Ukraine, Say NO to endless U.S. wars “. 



1. the withdrawal of NATO’s encirclement of Russia as the basis of negotiations. As the so-called DEFENDER 2020 war exercises approached the northern border with Russia, DEFENDER 2021 EUROPA now approached Russia from the south and the Black Sea.

2. an end to the arming and training of all Ukrainian soldiers and neo-Nazi mercenaries by the USA and European countries.  

3. an end to the hypocrisy about the so-called Ukrainian democracy, about the Kiev regime, which officially worships Nazi and SS collaborators as national heroes, first and foremost the mass murderer Stepan Bandera.

4. An end to arms deliveries, which only uselessly prolongs the suffering of the Ukrainian population and creates more and more dead and wounded on both sides. Are we repeating the mistakes of World War I, today in 2023 in Ukraine?

The U.S. as the main sponsor and client of Ukraine must finally start peace negotiations with Russia. Russia has long been willing to do so.

But do not forget ….. Look at your watch now. We have only six minutes and after that we will have a nuclear war in the middle of Europe.

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