OPEN LETTER: U.S. Ukraine-Policies and Munich Security Conference 2023

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United States

Promenadenplatz 2-6

Vice President Kamala D. Harris,

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austein,

Secretary of State Antony Blinken,


Hotel Bayerischer Hof

United States Delegation to the Munich Security Conference

80333 München

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First by fax 089 2120 906

February 16, 2023

OPEN LETTER: U.S. Ukraine-Policies and Munich Security Conference 2023

Dear Ms. Vice President, Kamala Harris and the United States‘ Delegation to the Munich Security Conference:


We too must object to the United States government‘s and its nuclear-powered forces‘ continued pursuit of a hazardous, essentially military course in many parts of the world. A majority of U.S. compatriots, EU citizens and not only powerful countries such as Russia and Chína feel endangered and threatened. Latest events reveal that the U.S. government still follows a course of „Shoot First, Then Investigate“, combined with absolutely no alternatives for peaceful, negotiated solutions:

–Before even 2014, in the Ukraine, the U.S. supported, supplied, advised and financed, even aggravated the Ukraine government‘s war against the oppositional regions in Donbas. The resulting destruction, combined with illegal sanctions and the illegal Russian invasion, all created huge democratic, social, health, climatic and economic crises in the United States, Europa, even Asia. Threats of nuclear war and global catastrophe reached new heights.


–As of the first week in February, 2023, without respecting communications from the VR China, the U.S. Air Force destroyed an off-course Chinese meteorological balloon over the Atlantic.

–In recent few weeks, U.S. Secretary of State Blinken, visiting Israel, proposed a „security“ plan to develop and train a Palestinian military force that would fight against the existing Palestinian resistance in Nablus and Jenin.

By itself, the destruction won‘t stop! Think of the U.S. military conflagrations since the end of World War II, in open, covert and proxy wars from Korea through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Latin America, Africa, Iran, Irak, Israel, Afghanistan, Libanon, Syria, Libya etc, etc. The governing U.S. administrations of the past, from the 1950‘s to today are responsible for these atrocities. Do you want to continue participating in these processes, and also bear the responsibility for creating today‘s principal dangers to international security, diplomacy, cooperation and peace?

Based on the calamity of the Ukrainian War, we would like to join other countries, international organizations, political parties, peace and conservation/climate groups in making some suggestions for a peace process, perhaps as a modus for the solution of other conflicts. Some points of reference:

–Involvement of respected international organizations, such as the U.N. Security Council, OSCE etc. should be used to organize and head negotiations, accomplish and guarantee genuine security.

–Support of encouragement and obligation to the U.S., European, Ukrainian and even Russian efforts actively to pursue and peacefully agree upon our common productive interests, many of which are expressed in the internationally, once accepted, Minsk I + II Agreements.

–The restoration of Ukrainian neutrality, including a cease-fire ,peace, disarmament, free and open discussion, publically owned and controlled communication networks including press and media, new open elections, democratization and more.

–Negotiation between Russia and the Ukraine, on the basis of the UN-Charta, supported by the UN Security Council, including guarantees for security, independence and territorial integrity for both countries and their populations, including regions within Donbas.

–Establishment of Russian continued defacto control of Crimea for an agreed upon time, after which a long-term government would be established through free and controlled elections organized by Crimean citizens and verified by neutral organizations.

–Elimination of illegal foreign (Euopean and U.S.etc.) sanctions affecting Russia. Reopening of trade, commercial, diplomatic, cultural, friendly and peaceful relations.



We of the Munich American Peace Committee, a group of voting U.S. citizens living in and around Munich, working together since 1983 for peace and disarmament, hope you will understand, and even comment on our above statement.

What a place, here at the Munich Security Conference, to start a policy of peace, dialogue and cooperation!Thank you!

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Richard Forward


for Munich American Peace Committee, Preysingstrasse 16, 81667 Munich

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Supporting U.S. citizen organizations in Europe

pending approval!

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, France, Peggy Mattuezzi; „

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