From Marienplatz to the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, 550 Imaginative Demonstrators Oppose the so-called Munich “Security” Conference

Munich: February 20, 2021: The Anti-Siko Bündnis (coalition), demonstrated under the motto, „Lockdown for Arms, Wars and the Military“

–For the discontinuation of the U.S. and NATO‘s policies and acts of aggression, confrontation, wars and destabilization; 

–For total nuclear disarmament and prevention of nuclear armaments and wars; 

–For peace, diplomacy, respect, trust, help and cooperation–worldwide. 

Background: Wolfgang Ischinger, head of the „Munich Security Conference“, postponed this year‘s version of the monstrous private meeting of the „Western“ World‘s top politicians, important NATO military and economic advisors, influential lobbyists and ranking armaments-industry representatives. Instead a substitute internet virtual meeting brought together a few important representatives of the „Western World“. Amongst them, U.S. President Biden could only require full continued „modernization of our military capabilities“ to defend „our culture“ against the inroads of China and Russia. Angela Merkel called for fulfillment of the yearly „2 % of BDP armament‘s goal“. As part of the agenda, „Pandemie“, U.N. Secretary General, António Guterres appealed for international solidarity, immediate availabilty of the huge sums necessary to eliminate the catastrophic plagues of disease, including Corona/Covid, also, poverty and associated homelessness, unemployment, migration and starvation, in the midst of the increasing horrors of climate and environmental pollution.Guterres stated that the designated goals are only achievable through a united effort to stop the threat of deadly competition between economical giants (e.g. United States and China).

As Ischinger has not yet proposed a substitute „Security Conference“, we suggest extending the postponement of this „Insecurity Conference“ indefinitely. Still, Ischinger‘s „threat“ of another bombastic conference this year has not been withdrawn! 

Demonstration: Recognizing the need publicly to express the immense dangers of the increasingly warlike stances of the NATO-countries and their allies, especially against China and Russia, on February 20, we once again congregated peacefully and vigorously in downtown Munich. 

Our goal, similar to Guterres‘ appeal, is to reinforce the path to a secure, satisfying and healthful existence on our planet through completely concentrating our human efforts, towards achieving peace and solidarityand in promoting prductive co-existence with our only resources, Earth and all living beings. 

Again, through last Saturday‘s event, kept intentionally small scale, we in the coalition made an additional important step towards these goals, through two rallies and a lively march from Marienplatz to the traditional headquarters of the Security Conferences. The hotel was empty of guests, but the streets were full of energy. A spirit of cooperation reigned, even the police were caught up in the positive atmosphere! 

Though forced to observe needfully rigorous anti-corona regulations, the number of participants exceeded our modest estimations. The varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the demonstrators enriched the substance of the successful event: colorful and expressive placards and banners, exhilarating rhythms and music, serious and interesting speeches. This unity of varied positive goals is what democracy looks like! The women, children and men of the peace movement defended and will further defend justice and a truly secure civilization and enviroment! 

Richard Forward 2/23/2021

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