Petition to include military pollution in climate treaty

Militaries have been left out of climate agreements.

Because including them would create a climate obligation to reduce militarism.

There is huge momentum now, and a buzz of activism and planning from organizations and coalitions around the world, as never seen prior to any past UN climate summit, to get militaries included in tough new limits on greenhouse gas emissions.

This one step could work wonders for climate and peace.

Thousands have gotten involved by taking a few seconds to sign our petition to Stop Excluding Military Pollution from Climate Agreements.

But we need you to take that step.

We are also encouraging groups and individuals to organize events to advance this message on or about the International Day of Peace during Climate Week, September 21, 2021, as well as on or about the big day of action in Glasgow on November 4, 2021. Resources and ideas for events are here.

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