MAPC Letter to U.S. Delegation at the 2020 Munich Security Conference

United States Representative, Nancy Pelosi

United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

United States Defense Secretary, Mark T. Esper 

U.S. Delegation to the Munich Security Conference

Hotel Bayerischer Hof February 12, 2020

Promenadenplatz 2-6

80333 München                                                                  Delivered directly. Preceded by Telefax 089 2120 906 

We of the Munich American Peace Committee, a group of U.S. citizens living in and near Munich, are rapidly 

losing hope that your official welcome to Munich means that you are visiting us in the interests of peace and 


Our environment is in a huge crisis.  The U.S. and NATO wars are a very significant part of this gigantic 

global emergency!  Please consider these and other consequences of the many aspects of our government‘s 

international policies.  For example: 

1. The willingness of the Trump administration to use atomic weapons: The world is being regularly threatened

with nuclear war by the U.S. Military and its commander in chief, President Donald Trump.  Defense Secretary, 

Dr. Mark T. Esper, the U.S military establishment, the Republican and parts of the Democratic Parties, through 

provacative menacing of Russia, China and other countries, are bringing us to the brink of an international 

nuclear war.  All this on the top of the climate crisis!  

2. The continued U.S. heinous participation in and support of open and covert „conventional“ wars, destruction

and genocide all over the world, are especially evident in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and, most recently, Iran.  

As a militarily bloated state and in coalition with the U.K., Israel, Saudi Arabia and their allies, the U.S. government

forces us to witness and suffer unending wars.

3.  Our government wastes $750 billion a year on war, alone $4 billion a month on war in Afghanistan.  

4. Our President is proceeding to dismantle the last vestiges of the arms control regime that has provided some

limited degree of security from terminal nuclear war.

Here, at the Munich „Security Conference, we ask you to represent the majority of our fellow U.S. citizens by following our and others‘ proposals for leading the world into an era of peace.  Among these proposals: 

1. Stop the U.S. program of ever-expanding wars, threats, deployment and use of weapons of mass destruction, and thereby withdraw militarily from foreign countries and close (y)our foreign bases. 

2. Avoid nuclear confrontation with China, Russia, North Korea and other states, cooperate with them! 

3. Stop war and threats of more war with Iran, and cooperate with them!

4. Block weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. 

5. End militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border.  Cooperate with Mexico!  

6. Keep our doors open to refugees and asylum seekers, and support them.

Our best defense is Peace!  What better place to start a policy of peace, dialogue and cooperation than here at 

the Munich Security Conference!  

Thank you!  Respectfully, 

Richard Forward 

Munich American Peace Committee, Preysingstrasse 16,  81667 Munich,

Supporting U.S. citizen organizations in Europe: 

o Americans Against War AAW in Paris, France, Peggy Mattuezzi 

o U.S. Citizens Against War, Florence, Italy, John Gilbert

o U.S. Citizens for Peace and Justice, Rome, Italy,  Anna Farkas 

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