“How Trump Stole 2020” – by Greg Palast

[book review]

— Update: today you can download the audiobook version for free from Palast’s Web site, gregpalast.com

If you want to know what is really happening in the US elections, you must read this book. Greg Palast is the most prominent investigator of election fraud in the USA. He has already published numerous books and articles on the subject. This is his latest work, just published, which also contains numerous political cartoons by Ted Rall. It is published by Seven Stories Press, of NYC.
ISBN 9781644210567 (paperback); ISBN 9781644219574 (e-book)

The main point to take away is that the results of every US Presidential election (except Obama’s) and every Congressional election since 2000 were determined by massive campaigns of vote suppression and deletion. Therefore, there has not been a legitimate US government at least since then. Palast spells out the various fraudulent tactics and the fraudsters in detail, but in an entertaining fashion.

I was afraid that he would only tell about the main perpetrators, Republican criminals. But no: the largest amount of vote suppression was in — wait for it! — California, under a Democratic State government, namely in the Democratic primaries. He demonstrates pretty conclusively that Sanders would have won the primaries in 2016 and 2020 without this (and gone on to win the Presidential elections).

He also mentions similar skullduggery in Latin America, usually with US assistance. And concludes with concrete advice on how to ensure/make it likely that your vote is actually counted and added to the tally.

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