Film | Of the Sense of the Whole – The Network of the Physicist Hans-Peter Dürr

His doctoral advisor was Edward Teller, the inventor of the hydrogen bomb. They argued all their lives. Werner Heisenberg appointed him as his successor at the Max Planck Institute. Hannah Arendt encouraged him to work as a border crosser. Josef Rotblat brought him to the table of his legendary Pugwash Conferences, which were honored with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Astrophysicist Hans-Peter Dürr was an agile thinker and an encourager. He doubted the existence of matter and focused on relationships and the in-between: between particles, but also between trees, people and world powers. “A knowledge that does not reach into the future is not knowledge.” He cast his net around the globe and interfered. For this, he received the Alternative Nobel Prize. Like his testament, the Potsdam Manifesto, which calls for peace with the earth, appears to be “a strategic alignment with the paradigm of the living.”

Claus Biegert follows the life of this unusual scientist in dialogue with the American Sue Durham, a founding member of the Munich-Amerucan-Peace Committee, who became Dürr’s wife and taught him to dance.

With the bonus film: LOS ALAMOS – DIE ERBEN DER BOMBE (56 min.).


Enthusiastic viewers:

“This is an essential film and should be watched by everyone who loves the world. Thanks for making this masterpiece my friend! Plus: I love the music.” Laurie Anderson

“A touching reunion with a friend who opened a window to the wonderful for me.” Konstantin Wecker

“This film is a real piece of work! Great compliments … especially for the self-made “net map” with the “red thread”!” Dr. Dieter Hess

“Am thrilled … extremely sensitive, smart and exciting!”
Cyril Lachauer

“A work of art!” Hep Monatzeder

“Congratulations! …Really impressive… playing with the map and the buttons helps to get everything together.” Floriane Köchlin

“Thank you very, very much for a great documentary about Hans-Peter Dürr and his world.”
Ernst-Ulrich von Weizsäcker

“I have watched the film again and again.”
Nomi Baumgartl

“… Not only inspiring, but also formally interesting.” Werner Penzel

Bonus Film: LOS ALAMOS – THE HEIRS OF THE BOMB (56 min.).
Hidden in the mountains of New Mexico during World War II – under the code name “Manhattan Project” – Robert J. Oppenheimer developed the first atomic bomb. The bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki came from here. To this day, Los Alamos is the site of military secrecy, and nuclear weapons and their maintenance – called stockpile stewardship – remain a priority. The laboratory is also a center of genetic research.On the mesa of Los Alamos, the secret meets the sacred. Los Alamos National Laboratory covers 43 square miles – land of the Tewa people from the San Ildefonso and Santa Clara pueblos, who can no longer enter their sacred sites: Indigenous prayer sites are either closed off or radioactively contaminated. In the film we also meet former weapons production workers John Balagna, Eloy Roybal and Alex Smith, indigenous historians and environmentalists Gilbert Sanchez, Reina Naranjo, Hilario Romero and Joe Chavarria, occupational physician Ken Silver and artist Erika Wanenmacher, as well as the director of the nuclear weapons program, Steve Younger.

Music: Zoro Babel
Director: Claus Biegert
Editing: Mike Förster

Country of production: D
Production Year: 2020
New York Independent Cinema Awards
Uranium Film Festival
ARFF International – Barcelona 2022 Awards – Official Monthly Selection

€ 9,90

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Order. No.: 4079
ISBN: 978-3-8488-4079-3
EAN: 978-3-8488-4079-3
FSK: Info

Length: 103
Picture: PAL, color, 16:9
Sound: Dolby Stereo
Language: German
Subtitles: English, Portuguese and Japanese subtitles
region code: codefree

Label: absolut MEDIEN

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