Petition: Justice Barrett should not vote on election issues

Richard, President Trump gave Amy Coney Barrett a lifetime seat on the highest court in the country while votes in his re-election race were being cast. And he made it clear that he wanted her there in case election issues made it to the Supreme Court. Now, as soon as this week — Justice Barrett could start ruling on 2020 election cases. It’s an obvious and enormous conflict of interest — one that would make it virtually impossible for her to judge any of these cases with the impartiality required by law. SIGN THE PETITION: If she does not recuse herself from 2020 election cases, Justice Barrett will be fundamentally impugning the integrity of our Supreme Court >> ADD MY NAME Back in 2009, SCOTUS approved the legal requirement that judges recuse themselves from cases if their “impartiality might reasonably be questioned.” The Court held that the Constitution’s protections required a judge to recuse from a case due to an election-related conflict of interest. And for any and all 2020 election cases, this precedent clearly applies to Justice Barrett. She was nominated by a candidate in the race just weeks ago — and confirmed as part of a rushed, hyperpartisan process while the election was underway. Barrett therefore has an obligation to recuse herself from any cases related to the election. If she doesn’t — she’ll put the integrity of the Supreme Court, the election, and our democracy in jeopardy. But during her confirmation process, Justice Barrett refused to commit to recusal. And with crucial cases about mail-in ballot deadlines in North Carolina and Pennsylvania before SCOTUS this week — we must immediately ramp up the pressure and make sure she does.
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